Captivated by His beauty;
Worthy tribute haste to bring;
Let His peerless worth constrain thee;
Crown Him now unrivaled King.

My name is Jessie. That means no more than it sounds: as close as it can get to my Chinese name. Now you’re going to ask, “What’s your Chinese name?”. Well, let’s just say that it’s composed of two characters that embody the entirety of my parents’ hopes and dreams for me. Fortunately, there’s a better definition of me than my name, and that is “captivated by His beauty.”

On one hand, I’m just one among millions throughout the centuries who have seen something of the peerless worth of Jesus Christ. On another, the love with which this Christ constrains me day by day is rather personal — intimate and affectionate, you might even say. So in a way, this blog is my love story. But it’s not just about me. My appreciation of this Beloved is with fellow lovers of Christ: with, among others, the Christian students at UBC.

UBC — the University of British Columbia — is where I’m spending way too many years of my life. But I’m thankful that it’s also where I can

…pursue righteousness, faith, love with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. (2 Timothy 2:22)

Now, why is my blog so named? It comes out of the realization that there are things I just can’t convince you of. I could be really passionate about a particular dish and rave to you about it, and you could even end up knowing all about why it’s supposed to be so good, but you’ll never really know — until you taste it yourself. The same goes…for Christ! This Person is like an unending feast, and even is an unending feast. But I can’t convince you of that; you’ll just have to taste and see.


4 thoughts on “about

  1. Sister:

    I am so enjoy and touch by your blog and I will recommend brother and sister to visit your blog. Full of life. Amen.
    In Him

  2. Amen! Wow the Lord is an unending feast and we must just taste and see. Thank you for your testimony sister and your going on in Him. Continue to write this love story!

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