2017 going on 2018

The Winter Training (Crystallization Study of Leviticus, Part 1) finished on the 30th this year, and I’m home just in time to usher in the new year. Lots of learning and lots to come.

Highlights from 2017:

  • “Are you ok to stop, to take no step at all?” – Jesus, Y1T2
  • “We hate to be busy and fruitless. Give us effective prayers.” – J. Brooks, Düsseldorf
  • “Thou art enough however long the day; Thou art enough however long the night.” – Hymn 671
  • His grace is sufficient… for what? His grace is sufficient for me to die — to my sense of justice, of self-right. – cf. Seer of the Divine Revelation, ch3
  • “For it was fitting for Him… in leading many sons into glory…” – Heb. 2:9, Plovdiv
  • “Hand over, hand over, hand over.” – M. Stewart, Poland
  • “If therefore the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed.” – John 8:36
  • “The church is Christ. Eventually, your saying ‘I’m sorry’ is Christ, and your saying ‘I forgive you’ is Christ. ‘For to me, to live is Christ’ (Phil. 1:21).” – T. Dvorak, Richmond

Aspirations for 2018:

  • “Dying to live” – W. Lee; “I die daily” – 1 Cor. 15:31
  • “We all have to discover what Christ’s life is capable of doing in us.” – T. Goetz, Poland
  • “experience Christ in His experiences” – WT Msg2; “My death is painful; His death is sweet.”
  • “Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me…” – Hymn 403, WT Msg3
  • “Lord, may You as the sin offering nullify, undo, everything the enemy has ever done in me.” – WT Msg7
  • “Jesus Christ… openly portrayed crucified” – Gal. 3:1, WT Msg9
  • “learn the secret… practice speaking with the Lord constantly; then spontaneously, you will live Christ.” – WT Msg10
  • “Lord, bring me to the point where I’m at peace with everyone and everything.” – WT Msg11
  • “Our week is for the Table.” – WT Msg12; “Father, let it be now in Your recovery.” – cf. John 4:24

Lessons from Europe

Just jotting these down before school starts and crowds them out of my brain…

  1. In Düsseldorf:
    • Coordination is everything. No oneness? Nothing counts.
    • How to coordinate with someone who does their own thing? It’s hard.
    • have to die. What someone else needs is not my business.
    • At the end of the day, whether my prayers were answered or not, He Himself has to be enough. “Thou art enough however long the day / Thou art enough however dark the night” (hymn 671).
    • “…and all the members do not have the same function” (Romans 12:4).
    • You say you’re caring for new ones, for local saints. Where’s your care for the ones you’re living with? Do you love their children?
    • What are these Taiwanese sisters doing here? Oh Lord, may they not do more tearing down than building up.
  2. In Berlin:
    • The four living creatures do move like lightning.
    • Kirchentag: “We’ve just had 4 days of church, and you’re handing out Bibles?” People really are sick of religion…
    • Not every full-timer is church-supported. There are entire regions that need to be prayed for.
  3. In Bankya:
    • Hallelujah, we’ve ended our search. What a joy to be on the genuine ground of oneness.
  4. In Sofia:
    • Oh, the vanity, darkness, and death of the Orthodox religion! If they don’t believe the authority of the Bible, what do they have?
    • Oh Lord, what about some Bulgarians?
  5. In Thessaloniki:
    • Look at this older American couple speaking Greek! It is possible.
    • I can see why Paul’s spirit was provoked in Acts 17:16… Oh Lord, the idolatry! Will You not rescue some?
  6. In Petrich:
    • Lord, this family needs You. Save them from idleness. Send some more to co-labour here.
  7. In Split:
    • Wow, what damage the enemy has done on the young people… Lord, pluck more out of this crooked and perverted generation.
    • Lord, if You can do it here, surely You can do it anywhere.
    • These sheep need shepherds! How will the Lord meet this need?
    • Lord, cover this brother’s hiring of young saints… May money not stumble.
  8. In Dublin:
    • You need parent consent papers when traveling with minors! And there might be racism in there… But anyway, praise Him — He needed a deeper turn from all of us.
    • Of course they love her even though she makes us wait all morning. Was I like this as a teenager? I guess moms must feel the way I do right now…
    • Of course they watch a movie until midnight when we have to get up at 4am… Teenagers don’t think consequences — you won’t get them that way.
  9. In Edinburgh:
    • Sometimes, you just have to let them sleep.
  10.  In Kingston:
    • It really is possible for church kids to go through a decade of meetings without being able to speak a thing. What use is it to berate them?
    • Do you love them? That is the question.
    • Her realisation that she falls short is good, but what can it do in the long term? Lord, consistent, long-term pursuit. You have to do it somehow.
    • Not many of the saints know how to shepherd… Oh Lord, may they not use the letter to kill…
    • Oh, the materialism! Save the saints, the young people from this.
  11. In Paris:
    • Lord, too many Asians in the church! What about Your local expression?
    • TH is paying the price to be here; what about me, Lord? Can I bring my education here?
  12. In Lyon:
    • More French people, Lord!
    • We went to the restaurant to visit them, and they didn’t even talk to us… Oh Lord, something is lacking here…
  13. In Poland (EYPC):
    • H really opened up about the sense of life diminishing. Lord, have a way to turn things around this year.
    • H cried about regretting wasted years… But Lord, again, will things be so different this year? Who can sustain their pursuit apart from You?
    • “What does your salvation mean? If you don’t even know that, then what are you doing here?” Made J cry… Ohhh Lord. Don’t let my strong self damage Your young ones. How I need to learn not to “shepherd” with an iron rod…
    • The burden is on the continuation. JJ: “Often when we pray we realise that we’re not the ones meant to do it”.
  14. In Brussels:
    • Quite amazing, the testimonies of how the Lord protected His people from terrorist attacks…
    • How sweet, A&GD… Lord, I want to be matched like this.
  15. Back home:
    • The parents heard worse than I had imagined…… What can be more unwise than pointing out the faults of children to their parents? Oh, so many lessons to learn…
    • Do not counsel parents on how to care for their kids! They always know better. “That works for some people, but not for everyone”. It’s true! Who are you to try to fit everyone into the same shoes?
    • Oh Lord, cover and heal.