No high there is, nor lowly

Hymn 824 is on the definition of the church, and stanza 5 speaks of the new man:

From every tribe and nation
Do all the members come;
Regardless of their classes,
United to be one.
No high there is, nor lowly;
No Jew, nor Gentile clan;
No slave, nor slave, nor master;
But Christ the “one new man”.

I’ve been considering the 5th line recently because of our buy-then-sell situation. I’ve certainly had some notions of the investment value of real estate, but the power of “property” hit me hard this time. In this day and age when everyone owns an iPhone, it’s property ownership that divides the “haves” and the “have nots”. And the divide is deep because it seems to never get easier to buy but always get easier to sell.

So that was a draft from May 2018. Yes, it’s been nearly a year since I last attempted to write. And no, our place never did get sold.

I believe the sentiment I wanted to express with this post was that I find myself easily 心里不平衡 when I compare my (currently my family’s) assets with others’ — especially other saints’. This troubled me quite a bit: how am I supposed to enter into the reality of the one new man when I’m ever conscious of “high” and “lowly”? At the time, P’s complaints of the Fraser Valley’s distance from what she considered civilization were “balanced” by my effectively having a substantial property to my name. But balanced or not, it’s all in my commercial mind (see my post on this).

In the October 23rd FMC class, brother RK spoke an encouraging word in response to DC’s sharing regarding mammon. He began with this:

“Why don’t you ask the Lord to show you what you think about?” When I did this, immediately the word “money” came.

ended with this:

I just long for all of you, for your whole life, to be freed from the grip of mammon… [The] Lord can gain an increasing number of brothers and sisters your age who…can tell the Lord directly, “I serve You. I do not serve mammon.”

and said in faith, in between:

I assure you, the Lord is going to thoroughly release you from this and keep you faithful in [the 2 principles of giving and living within your means] until you’re raptured to the throne!

So it’s not a matter of having or not having; it’s the love of money and the aspiring after it (1 Tim. 6:10).

Well, I lay hold on my brother’s promise, which I believe is from the Lord:

[If] we present ourselves to the Lord and ask Him to deal thoroughly with the love of money, with the hold that money has, with anxiety concerning money, with improper use of money… He will do it.

I found the absolute gem of brother DV’s testimony in Joseph’s Storehouse in January and gleaned this:

D.L. Moody had someone tell him, “The world has yet to see what God will do with a man fully consecrated to him”, and Moody told God, “I want to be that man.”

Brother AY once defined a job-keeping full-timer as “one who makes as much money as he can, spends as little as he can, and gives the rest to the Lord”. Then he said that he had yet to see such a brother/sister in the Recovery. Well, I went home and told the Lord, “By Your mercy and Your grace, I want to be that person.

Lord, I aspire to the same.