2017 going on 2018

The Winter Training (Crystallization Study of Leviticus, Part 1) finished on the 30th this year, and I’m home just in time to usher in the new year. Lots of learning and lots to come.

Highlights from 2017:

  • “Are you ok to stop, to take no step at all?” – Jesus, Y1T2
  • “We hate to be busy and fruitless. Give us effective prayers.” – J. Brooks, Düsseldorf
  • “Thou art enough however long the day; Thou art enough however long the night.” – Hymn 671
  • His grace is sufficient… for what? His grace is sufficient for me to die — to my sense of justice, of self-right. – cf. Seer of the Divine Revelation, ch3
  • “For it was fitting for Him… in leading many sons into glory…” – Heb. 2:9, Plovdiv
  • “Hand over, hand over, hand over.” – M. Stewart, Poland
  • “If therefore the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed.” – John 8:36
  • “The church is Christ. Eventually, your saying ‘I’m sorry’ is Christ, and your saying ‘I forgive you’ is Christ. ‘For to me, to live is Christ’ (Phil. 1:21).” – T. Dvorak, Richmond

Aspirations for 2018:

  • “Dying to live” – W. Lee; “I die daily” – 1 Cor. 15:31
  • “We all have to discover what Christ’s life is capable of doing in us.” – T. Goetz, Poland
  • “experience Christ in His experiences” – WT Msg2; “My death is painful; His death is sweet.”
  • “Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me…” – Hymn 403, WT Msg3
  • “Lord, may You as the sin offering nullify, undo, everything the enemy has ever done in me.” – WT Msg7
  • “Jesus Christ… openly portrayed crucified” – Gal. 3:1, WT Msg9
  • “learn the secret… practice speaking with the Lord constantly; then spontaneously, you will live Christ.” – WT Msg10
  • “Lord, bring me to the point where I’m at peace with everyone and everything.” – WT Msg11
  • “Our week is for the Table.” – WT Msg12; “Father, let it be now in Your recovery.” – cf. John 4:24






My choice is made forevermore,
I want no other Savior;
I ask no purer happiness
Than His sweet love and favor;
My heart is fixed on Jesus Christ,
No more the world shall blind me;
I’ve crossed the Red Sea of His death,
And left the world behind me.



Why do you fear the future
Will only be filled with pain?
You’re in His hands,
Trust in His plans;
He will take care of you.



New year’s aspiration: numbering my days


I stopped making new year’s resolutions early in high school, but I do have at least one aspiration for the new year: that my days would count in the eyes of God.

The Winter Training was refreshing/supplying/rich beyond description, and I hope to write more in future posts as I digest the messages, but for now I’ll just invoke one thing from Message 8 (“The God of Abraham Seen in His Dealings with Abraham”) that’s especially fitting for the occasion: we need to have a history with God. Why? Because God speaks and unfolds Himself through history. God writes His history in the history of human beings, and our history can become His history by virtue of our union with Christ. What does this mean practically? The chapter named “Numbering Our Days” by brother Nee (read here) says, “Every day that is not lived in fellowship with God is a lost day.” Brother AY further noted last week that “The only kind of history that counts is history of God working Himself into man.”

I was saved 7 years ago, but this doesn’t necessarily mean I have 7 years of spiritual history. The aforementioned chapter gives 6 instances in the Scriptures that show us the kinds of days (or years) God does and does not count. For instance, the 13 years of Abraham’s life between Genesis 16 and 17, after he exercised his flesh to produce Ishmael, were wasted, empty, unaccounted years. I don’t want my days to be wasted! I want my every day of 2014 to be weighty in the sight of my God.

Teach us then to number our days
That we may gain a heart of wisdom.
                                                 (Psalm 90:12)